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The design is timeless and heritage-inspired but still elegant. However, the dial has an "Isograph" label. This refers to IWC Da Vinci Replica’s carbon composite hairspring that beats within the Caliber 5 auto movement. Lightweight, tough and wholly anti-magnetic, the Isograph hairspring paired with aluminium alloy balance wheel offers chronometer-precision with improved reliability against shock and magnetic fields.

The Autavia has a great start to the race to be the ultimate men's sports watch. It features rugged looks and practical features like a strap that can be changed without tools,IWC Replica Watches as well as a bi-directional rotating bezel with a wide range of colours.

Technical Specifications


Automatic Calibre 5 with in-house Isograph hairspring; chronometer-certified; 38-hour power reserve


42mm stainless steel or bronze; bidirectional rotating (ceramic or steel) bezel; water resistance to 100m


Steel bracelet or leather strap;tag heuer aquaracer replica watches interchangeable without the use of tools